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AW Precision is pleased to work with the company CODIPRO on being the uk sales and support for their range of lifting equipment to UK Customers.

AW Precision is always looking at ways to help you stay safe and compliant when using our products and what better way than when lifting and transporting your own goods around workshops or further afield. The new range from CODIPRO called GRADUP are designed to lift heavy loads, ranging from 0.07 to 125 tons, which need to be turned or flipped. With a maximum swivel range of 360°, GRADUP rings can support the entire load in all mounting positions. The torque value marking on each ring helps to avoid the risks associated with screw twisting and breaking. The GRADUP range can also be specifid to your individual working requirements and now also colours especially when working in fields like the MOD. To aid in quick reference for testing and reliability each and every ring has its own individual traceability code for thorough tracking and is marked with a WLL (Working Load Limit) and the CODIPRO name.

For more information on the range please contact Andy Whitworth at AW Precision who will gladly discuss the range and its adapability to your requirements.

So if your lifting a tool or transporting  a crane we can help

See the range here