AWP For Safety


Safety plug reduces risk of tool damage and injuries

The Safer Choice – Training, Safety and Reliability – has always been a KALLER top priority for providing the safer working environment. To fulfil future industry requirements and in order to provide an even safer working environment for KALLER customers, the TU 1500 product range (varying stroke lengths from 25 to 300) has been upgraded with improved safety functions. 

This is the new solution

Although new safety functions have been added to the TU 1500, the KALLER customer will not notice any significant change. The gas spring is fully interchangeable with the old TU 1500. At the bottom of the updated TU 1500 gas spring, a safety plug has been added. The updated version is also equipped with a leakage groove, needed when base mounted. To conclude that a TU 1500 gas spring is of the new version, look for the safety plug at the bottom.

8200-1469-02 TU 1500_stor

The safety plug

When a gas spring is overstroked, this feature reduces the risk of tool damage or injuries due to parts separating under high pressure. The safety plug is functioning in all mounting versions. The safety plug must under no circumstances be unscrewed. Unscrewing may cause personal injury. If the safety plug has been released for some reasons, the gas spring must be replaced. An external stop for the tool is recommended to prevent overstroke in the springs. The recommendation is not to use the last 5 mm or 10 % of the nominal stroke length.