AW Precision Super finish punch points


AW Precision now offer customers a polished finished punch point, this is especially geared towards softer materials and zinc coated steels where galling is a common problem.

Soft materials such as Aluminium have characteristics that causes the material being pierced to adhere to the surface of the punch. This adhesive galling causes issues with wear, stripping and component hole size as well as hole condition. Soft materials have a habit of closing on the punch as the punch is stripped creating drag and pick up. If the clearance between the punch and the die is too tight, after the metal fractures it decompresses. This decompression causes the Aluminum to grip the punch, causing an increase in friction between the piercing punch and the Aluminum. This high friction or rubbing action may produce slivers, polished punches combined with shear will help reduce these issues.

Polished finished punches help with ultra-high strength steels as well as softer steels, AW Precision produce a range of punches for piercing ultra-high strength steels as well as high strength aluminium.

To further enhance and reduce the co efficient friction AW Precision are able to offer a range of surface treatments, should you require a super finish punch please specify super finish when ordering you punches.

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