Automation of the dies in the press, AWP and Pronic are with you!

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Since 2010, AW Precision, a British company specialising in the manufacture of punch and die products and components, has been nationally distributing made-to-measure tapping  solutions designed by Pronic, the world leader in the sector. Together, they advocate the automation of the dies in the press: In-Die solutions.
Drawing on their shared expertise, AWP and Pronic assist you from start to finish, with project support from design to start-up and maintenance through to tool optimisation so that it carries out the most possible in-die operations.
Die makers and stampers are resorting more and more frequently to these made-to-measure and in-die tapping solutions to guarantee production longevity, new and/or personalised functions that optimise manufacturing performance and production with no reject parts; this is what we call die automation, which allows for a lower price per part.
AWP also offers tapping machinery and in-die component insertion solutions, again with Pronic. 

About Pronic
Founded in 1989, Pronic is a family company located in Marignier, Haute-Savoie in south-eastern France. Always at the forefront of technology, it is the world leader of tapping and insertion in-die solutions. Its expertise is recognised in more than 40 countries. This allows it to work for the biggest car manufacturers and customers in the electric power and building sectors. 

About AWP
Pronic distributor since 2010, AW Precision is a leading manufacturer of punch and die products and components throughout Europe and the USA. Located in Rugby in the United Kingdom, this British company offers advice and resources tailored to each of its customers to improve their production capacity, and therefore, their productivity.

With AWP, for In-Die Solutions, Think Pronic